The Border Princes Shall Be Unconquered No Longer.

From all directions they have come, seeking glory and land in the untamed wilderness south of Sigmar’s Empire. The Elves of Ulthuan seek to reclaim lost treasures. The Dwarves dig through the mountains, building a new empire. Even as they do, the Skaven dig their own tunnels in the earth and in the souls of men. The Lizardmen, children of the Old Ones, invade for their own inscrutable purposes. Ogres of the Mountains of Mourn stomp across the land in search of blood and plunder.

War has come to the Border Princes.

This is the home of our local Warhammer Fantasy Battles Campaign. We’re using the map-based campaign rules out of The General’s Compendium and looking forward to a great (if somewhat violent) Summer.

Border Conquest

Rawht Andyr kitsuki Olothontor