The Sun Slaughterer


There was a total solar eclipse over Tlaxtlan on the day that Timotla-loa strode – rather than crawled – from his spawning pool. Still dripping, he entered the pen of an unbroken carnosaur and cowed the thing by punching it in the nose, after which he named it Xihuitl – Comet. Or so the stories go.

For decades the pair was wasted on minor incursions of men and rats, only showing their true prowess when a horde of demons broke through the wards and threatened the city. Timotla-loa led blocks of stolid sauruses into the melee. And when Xihuitl fell, foam pouring from his jaws after drinking deep of the poisoned blood of many demons, the Oldblood leapt from the twitching creature’s back and single-handedly tore through a dozen spawns of corruption.

When Mazatl, the Thrice-Foretold requested – with nothing more than a languid gesture – that Timotla-loa leave Lustria to lead the Slann’s army in the world of Men, the Oldblood bowed his head in obedience. Before boarding the ship, however, he went on a week-long quest. He returned with a scarred carnosaur, obviously no hatchling, that responded to no one but him. He called it Ehecatl, the Wind Serpent.


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