Arnoth of Nagarythe

Elven Archmage


Even the allies of the High Elves will tell you that they are aloof and arrogant when dealing with other races, and Arnoth exemplifies these traits. Born in the ravaged province of Nagarythe, Arnoth is a competent military commander and powerful archmage. He is able (perhaps too able) to look at situations from a detached and tactical point of view, confident in the knowledge that his troops will follow his orders to their deaths if that is what is necessary. He is not unkind, but will do whatever is required for the advancement of the elven race.

The elves of Nagarythe are different from the rest of their kind. For thousands of years they have been living as frontiersmen, defending their shores from raids by the Dark Elves and worse. This had made them like their land: grim and unyielding. Frustrated by what he felt was the stagnation of life on Ulthuan, Arnoth has led a force of his kinsmen to the Border Princes. The incursion of Archaon the Everchosen to the north of the Empire of Man has left the Border Princes quieter than unusual, as armies moved to repel the Chaos horde, and so Arnoth chose to take the opportunity to attempt to retake and hold the ancient elven tower of Tor Anrok. As well as uncovering lost elven artefacts, re-establishing a permanent base in the region would be an important boost to elven influence in the Old World. Unfortunately for him, it seems that others have had the same idea.

Arnoth of Nagarythe

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