Border Conquest

Happily Ever After...

The elves go home

After the mysterious (apparent) death of Arnoth, Archmage Elessi assumed command of the Elven host, and instituted a policy of defending the borders of the territories carved out, rather than continuing Arnoth’s aggressive expansion. Despite resistance from the nobles of Nagarythe who remained loyal to Arnoth’s vision, Elessi was able to maintain control.

The elves remained in the Border Princes for some months, continuing their excavations of Tor Anrok and packing up the forgotten treasures of their ancestors for return to Ulthuan. During this time they fought several more skirmishes with the other armies in the land, although their defensive posture and martial prowess meant that the others, by and large, left them alone. Elessi was never able to figure out what Arnoth had been looking for, and so once the remnants of elven history at Tor Anrok had been packed up, the elves departed quietly for their homeland.

Hansi was never heard from again. His body was found approximately one year later by humans, in a ravine on the outskirts of the former elven territories. The fact and circumstances of his death remain unknown to both Elessi and the dwarves.

Arnoth and his inner circle were, likewise, never heard from again. However, new rumours have sprung up in the Border Princes, of terrible creatures of living shadow, with gleaming dark armour and swords, stalking the dark places of the land…



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